If only I had 5 minutes to myself.

QUIXANA: Experience peaceful tranquility through Virtual Reality. Using your smartphone and an inexpensive  headset, the QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer gives you those five minutes. Sit peacefully on the shore of a California beach, visit the majestic arches of Utah, lie beneath a massive Redwood tree in the Sequoia National Forest, or just watch ships enter and exit a peaceful harbor.

Find your center, escape to QUIXANA Virtual Reality Experiences.


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The QUIXANA Viewer and Experiences are now in a limited Beta Test release. If you would like to apply to be a Beta Tester please contact me here.


Escape to peaceful tranquility, QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer

It’s easy and it’s free. Download the app from the Google Play Store and join me as we explore some of the most peaceful and relaxing locations around the globe.¬† Start Now

QUIXANA Virtual Reality Experiences

Explore the library of free QUIXANA Meditative Sensory Stimulation Virtual Realty Experiences.

San Diego Harbor

QUIXA0004 – Sit for a moment and simply exist as the daily life of the fishermen, pleasure craft, and military vessels of San Diego Harbor unfold around you.

360, Mono, 3:00,2021, Victor Ciccarelli

The Salton Sea

OUIXA0001 – The Salton Sea Beauty and Tranquility takes many forms. The serene vistas of the states largest lake are a thin veneer over this body of water that was created by calamity and is hospitable to few.  360, Mono, 3:00,2021, Victor Ciccarelli

Spiritual Harmony

OUIXA0002 – Spiritual Harmony Spiritual Harmony in the California Missions: God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. Find stillness and serenity in seeking a higher power. 360, Mono, 3:00,2019, Victor Ciccarelli

Southern California Coastline

OUIXA0003 – Southern California Coastline Sand at your feet, waves crash along the shore and birds fly above as you experience the majestic power of the Southern California Coast.360, Mono, 3:00,2020, Victor Ciccarelli

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