If only I had 5 minutes to myself.

QUIXANA: Experience peaceful tranquility through Virtual Reality. Using your smartphone and an inexpensive  headset, the QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer gives you those five minutes. Sit peacefully on the shore of a California beach, visit the majestic arches of Utah, lie beneath a massive Redwood tree in the Sequoia National Forest, or just watch ships enter and exit a peaceful harbor.

Find your center, escape to QUIXANA Virtual Reality Experiences.


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The QUIXANA Viewer and Experiences are now in a limited Beta Test release. If you would like to apply to be a Beta Tester please contact me here.


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Escape to peaceful tranquility, QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer

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Peace and serenity come in many forms. Sometimes those forms are made by humanity … though inspired by something greater than individuals. Spaces imbued with a quiet and calmness allow us to open our hearts and feel a love that is universal.


The majestic Sugar Pine Point State Park, Lake Tahoe, California is covered in a thick blanket of snow. The brisk winter air is alive with the hauntingly beautiful tones of an enchanted chorus.


Located just north of San Diego the Carlsbad flower fields are a treasure to the Southern California. Sit with me as we watch the spring rain bring the flowers to life.


At the tip of Point Loma in San Diego lies the Cabrillo National monument and the famous San Diego Tide Pools. Stand on the rocky shore as sea birds glide above the waves and listen to the ocean crash to the beach.


The sun rises in the California mountains over the Otay Wilderness in Southern California. Watch the ocean clouds roll in as deep pinks and purples paint the sky. Listen to the sounds of the morning birds in search of their first meal of the day.


Enjoy the peace of a babbling brook as it winds its way through the forested hills of Big Sur. Majestic trees surround you and the natural beauty of the forest relaxes your mind and body as it invites you to take a moment of peace and relaxation under the forest canopy.


Sit high above the California coastal tide pools at San Diego’s Cabrillo National Monument as the morning surf pounds the rocky shore in a majestic display of California coastal sea life.


The windswept sand dunes of California have a harshness that is matched with their lonely beauty. Mother nature rules here … daring any soul brave enough to explore her epic majesty as the sun sinks low into the sky and the heat of the day will be matched by a chill of the coming night.


The cycles of nature can be seen everywhere. From the whirling of clouds that may become rain … to the newly sprung seedlings stretching out to the light … the fully mature giants that provide shade and shelter … and even the fallen which now return to the soil to nourish future generations.

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