Victor Ciccarelli

Founder, Photographer, Technologist, Creative, & The guy who answers most of the emails.
I am a career photographer,  programmer, a Disabled American Veteran, and the owner and founder of  I became enamored with the possibilities of Virtual Reality when I first saw a presentation at COMDEX , in Las Vegas, in the late 90’s. In the past 20 years, i have built and designed VR Cameras for the military and civilian corporations. In addition I have built a multitude of VR educational products for schools, worked on extensive virtual historical recreations, and developed systems for Ultra High Resolution Equirectangular Imagery. 

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Your donations are what allow me to continue to keep QUIXANA Experiences free for those who need them most. Even a few dollars  helps me on my way to capture the next amazing location.

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Waqas Abdul Majeed

Technical Artist & Digital Storyteller (head of software development) 

I am primarily a 3D Generalist who graduated in Animation & Game Design. As the technology advanced at a rapid pace I was all set to transition into digital storytelling and have my creative experiences immerse the audience using Augmented & Virtual Reality. Over the past 10 years, I have developed and launched Interactive experiences for schools, exhibitions and I lead many different commercial projects to address marketing needs using Augmented & Virtual Reality. The exciting journey continues and onto another meaningful project, I truly feel great to be part of Quixana.

Want to join the team?

Our goal is to get QUIXANA in to as many hands as possible. The types of tasks ahead of us are varied as the people who can benefit from its use. 

Helping Capture new Experiences, Helping to contact sponsors, Taking VR headsets into hospitals and care facilities. If you have time to volunteer, and desire to help, there are lots of things you can do to be part of our programs. 

Please contact me and ask how you can help.