If only I could have five minutes. Five minutes of quiet.
Five minutes to be anywhere in the world other than here.

I found myself saying that so many times in my life before I realized I could do so. I had the tools and skills to give me, and others, exactly what I was asking from the world… three hundred seconds… five minutes someplace other than here.

Let me be clear, no, I am not a medical doctor, nor do I have any advanced degree or education that would qualify me to make any statements or claims as to the value or effectiveness of QUIXANA or if it is even right for you. What I am is a disabled American Military Vet, who has struggled with stress and anxiety issues for more then half of my adult life.  I am a human, just like you, that has screamed to the world looking for just five minutes.

I found it in QUIXANA and I am now making it my goal to capture, and bring to you, as many of those three hundred seconds of tranquility as possible.

The app and the experiences are free. There are no ads or data tracking or collection systems.  Download the app and a few of the many experiences on this page. The instructions are here.
Let me know if it works for you.    -Victor Ciccarelli