If only I had 5 minutes to myself.

QUIXANA: Experience peaceful tranquility through Virtual Reality. Using your smartphone and an inexpensive  headset, the QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer gives you those five minutes. Sit peacefully on the shore of a California beach, visit the majestic arches of Utah, lie beneath a massive Redwood tree in the Sequoia National Forest, or just watch ships enter and exit a peaceful harbor.

Find your center, escape to QUIXANA Virtual Reality Experiences.


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The QUIXANA Viewer and Experiences are now in a limited Beta Test release. If you would like to apply to be a Beta Tester please contact me here.


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Escape to peaceful tranquility, QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer

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The majestic beauty of human art sometimes is able to come alive in the structures we create to move about the world. These triumphs of ingenuity and engineering are awe inspiring today. Sometimes as we gaze upon them we wonder … what would a person from a time long past think if they were able to see the wonders we often take for granted?


The intricacy of nature is everywhere and often takes the strangest forms. A granary tree stands guard over mountainous terrain under a clear blue sky. A still-living sculpture turned into a mass of holes by clever birds hiding away nuts and seeds for the winter in the hollows they make in her bark. A reminder that humans are not the only creatures who shape the environment we live in.


Spend a few moments along the shore of the San Diego Harbor. Watch as small boats travel this calming waterway.


Enjoy an afternoon moment on a wooden pier as small small boats ride on harbor waves on the America’s Cup Pier in San Diego. Listen to the sounds of the bay as boats rise and fall.


A beautiful day at the park with a view of San Diego’s Embarcadero. Sitting in the shade under a tree, we join others taking in the sunny day at the park as they enjoy a stroll down the winding paths and the songs of birds flitting about in the foliage.


A snowy sunset in the mountains overlooking Lake Tahoe. It’s been a fun day of hiking through the mountains as you pause for a moment to enjoy the setting sun. The twilight is coming alive with critters, large and small, looking for an evening meal before settling into their boroughs for the night as the air is full of holiday melodies from years past.


The early morning sun shines on the south-eastern edge of the Cleveland National Forest. Rabbits and birds nestle in the low brush as wind whistles across the valley and through the leaves, carrying a scent of mountain air, cool and refreshing.


Take a gentle afternoon ride along the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park on Paris with President, Ginny and their human friends.


Enjoy a few quiet moments of tranquility along the San Diego Harbor as the city goes about its day. San Diego is a city built on its connection with the ocean and the ships that sail it’s waters, will come alive around you.

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