Phone-In VR Viewers

All Phone-in viewers operate on the Google Cardboard standard. Using a smart phone with and a Google Cardboard compliant app such as the QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer, YouTube Viewer or a host of other applications the screen is split in to left and right eye view and the phone is placed in the device and the the device is place don the users head for a more immersive experience then with clip-on type goggles. 

Viewer in this class can be purchased online or in many major chain stores and run from $5 to $100 dollars. 
it is my experience with these viewers that price is not a reflection of quality. As the performance is entirely controlled by the quality of the phone you put in it, expensive headsets to not mean you will get better performance. 

The two things to look for are the adjustability of the optics and over ear headphones. Many of these sets have fixed focus optics with no way to adjust for individual vision. Before you purchase a unit make sure the unit has a manual focus system. 

Over ear headphones go a long way to increase the immersion of the Virtual Realty. Be aware most new phones do not have a audio jack and use only blue tooth connection to external headphones. It may be more practical to use your exiting earbuds or headset. 

These system use the same software as the clip-on type of viewers. The QUIXANA Time Stream Viewer or the Smartphones YouTube app are all you need to power these. However, most will have a recommended app by the manufacturer that will allow you to experience other Virtual Realty games and programs. 

When using any Phone-In system the key to getting a quality experience is to ensure the phone is exactly centered within the device.  If you are seeing double or experiencing eye strain after very limited use it is most likely the phone position within the device. 

A modification to this class of phone is the Samsung VR Gear series. While the Samsung system is a phone in system it offers significantly more functionality and comes closer to the level of an All-in-one unit. to View QUIXANA on the Samsung system use a dedicated YouTube Viewer.