QUIXANA was started by you and grows because of you.

While I may be the person out in the filed capturing these moments, the true core of QUIXANA is you, the people who grant me the resources to go take my cameras and computers into the field and bring these amazing moments of tranquility back into your world.

QUIXANA was founded by Kickstarter during the worst of the 2020 Pandemic and is maintained by your support. It’s my goal to always keep QUIXANA free of ads or any kind of user tracking. I never release, sell, or give away any personal or user information because the last thing you need is worry that the app, claiming to give you those precious five minutes, is tracking your usage or taking advantage of your needs.

Your donation, of any amount, goes directly to the costs associated with maintaining this site and the QUIXANA application. – Victor Ciccarelli

We are currently working to establish a patreon program. Until it is in place if you would like to help
please contact me .

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Your donations are what allow me to continue to keep QUIXANA Experiences free for those who need them most. Even a few dollars helps me on my way to capture the next amazing location.

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