Tag: Ocean


Take a gentle afternoon ride along the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park on Paris with President, Ginny and their human friends.


Take a ride on Paris as Amanda takes us on genital walk around Sun Coast Farms in the Tijuana River Valley of Southern California. A big thank you to Amanda and Sun Coast Farms for their kind support of our efforts.


Spend a few moments along the shore of the San Diego Harbor. Watch as small boats travel this calming waterway.


The California mountain just east of LA are a beautiful place to sit and watch the morning sky.


Located just north of San Diego the Carlsbad flower fields are a treasure to the Southern California. Sit with me as we watch the spring rain bring the flowers to life.


The majestic beauty of human art sometimes is able to come alive in the structures we create to move about the world. These triumphs of ingenuity and engineering are awe inspiring today. Sometimes as we gaze upon them we wonder … what would a person from a time long past think if they were able to see the wonders we often take for granted?


The endless possibilities of the ocean … every journey into the deep blue starts with a simple departure … travellers heading out to sea … as the gentle ocean waves rock their boats … and the seagulls stand guard on the pier.


A beautiful day at the park with a view of San Diego’s Embarcadero. Sitting in the shade under a tree, we join others taking in the sunny day at the park as they enjoy a stroll down the winding paths and the songs of birds flitting about in the foliage.


A quiet morning in a sea side park. You’ll sit in the grass enjoying a moment alone as boats float in the bay, joggers run the city paths, and people enjoy the Southern California weather.


At over 200 feet tall, the Coronado Bridge in San Diego has welcomed sailors and visitors to San Diego since 1969. Relax on the shores of Coronodo and watch as pleasure craft and working vessels transit the San Diego Harbor.