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The windswept sand dunes of California have a harshness that is matched with their lonely beauty. Mother nature rules here … daring any soul brave enough to explore her epic majesty as the sun sinks low into the sky and the heat of the day will be matched by a chill of the coming night.


The cycles of nature can be seen everywhere. From the whirling of clouds that may become rain … to the newly sprung seedlings stretching out to the light … the fully mature giants that provide shade and shelter … and even the fallen which now return to the soil to nourish future generations.


Peace and serenity come in many forms. Sometimes those forms are made by humanity … though inspired by something greater than individuals. Spaces imbued with a quiet and calmness allow us to open our hearts and feel a love that is universal.


The majestic beauty of human art sometimes is able to come alive in the structures we create to move about the world. These triumphs of ingenuity and engineering are awe inspiring today. Sometimes as we gaze upon them we wonder … what would a person from a time long past think if they were able to see the wonders we often take for granted?