YouTube Viewing of the QUIXNA Experiences.

Most QUIXNIA Experiences are available on the Quixana Youtube Channel.

To view QUIXANA Experiences on your Phone or PC

Open YouTube and search for QUIXANA you will see our YouTube Channel. or click here

On the channel select any of the QUIXANA videos and press play.  Make sure you have maximum quality set on your device for the best viewing experience.

If you hold your mobile device if you hold the horizontal as shown below you can move the phone around and see in all directions.

Pressing anyplace on the display will open the YouTube menu. In the lower right hand corner of the screen you will see a goggles icon. Pressing this icon will split the display into the dual window mode used for all Google Cardboard and Mobile Device VR Headsets.

Please make sure to subscribe, like, and comment on the views. Your support and encouragement allows us to produce more.

QUIXANA on your Personal Computer

With YouTube QUIXANA can be run right on your PC.
The QUIXANA YouTube Channel contains a large number of QUIXANA Experiences. After selecting the Experience of your choice ensure your player is set to the maximum resolution.

When the Experience is playing you can move around the view with your mouse.